Spring to Artviva Artists, Authors&Aristocrats events

Meet Count Niccolò Capponi at the Artviva Arists, Authors & Artistrocrats events

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, white butterflies flutter above the flower-filled fields, spring vegetables burst extravagantly from the earth, the first of the jasmine flowers are blooming, a hint of their fragrance in the air.

And tonight, the first of the Authors, Artists and Aristocrats evening events is taking place in Florence, the charming historic capital city of Tuscany.

Offering the chance to sit and relax, enjoy a glass of sparkling wine and mingle with famous Tuscan locals, Counts and Princes, famed authors and world-renowned artists in the heart of historical Florence, the evening also includes a wine tasting of award-winning wines.

The Trevi Fountain in Rome, comissioned by the Corsini family - meet Price Corsini at the Artviva evenings

Each Monday throughout May, June, September and October from 5.00pm to 6.30, the evening starts with meeting a local artist or author. Then, we have a wine tasting and introduction to Italy as you enjoy being taught how to taste wines by an aristocrat. The wines tasted include high-quality, well-rated local Tuscan wines made by the presenters themselves.

Discover how the effects of Italy’s rich artistic, cultural, gastronomical and viticulture history, as well as its noble families and titles, are still in existence today. Meet authors and artists whose work is inspired by Italy.

Robert Bodum - an Artviva meet-the-artist artist!

Maybe you will be here to meet Australian-turned-Tuscan-local, Lisa Clifford, the author of The Promise (about to become a film!) and Death in the Mountains in which she solves a real-life 100-year-old murder mystery!

Acclaimed author, Lisa Clifford at the Artviva Authors, Artists & Aristocrats evenings

Have Italy explained by an Italian aristocrat, such as Prince Duccio Corsini, who will share insights into Italian culture before doing a tasting of his family estate award-winning wines.  With a history dating back to the 12th century, the Corsini ancestry includes a saint (Sant’Andrea Corsini in the 14th century) and also Pope Clement XII in the 18th century who commissioned one of the great masterpieces of Italy, the Trevi fountain in Rome.

Leo Mancini-Hresko, an Artviva meet-the-artist artist!

Perhaps you will be here to meet Count Niccolò Capponi, an erudite PhD scholar who explains some of his incredible knowledge on the history and culture of Italy. Coming from a noble Florentine family whose history can be traced back to the 13th century, the title of count was given by the Holy Roman Emperor in 1701. As Florentine guilds, the family were involved in the silk trade and wool business, before venturing into banking. Carrying the rare and esteemed title of ‘Florentine Patrician’, Count Niccolò Capponi presents a truly unique insight into the life, history and culture of Florence and Italy not available anywhere else.

Tessa Kiros at the Artviva Artists, Authors and Aristocrats events in Florence

The cost is 15 euro per person, or 10 euro if you  mention this blog. To reserve your places, please contact us on staff@artviva.com or call +39 055 2645033. Spaces are limited so please call ahead.

Our Authors, Artists and Aristocrats events held each Monday evening throughout May, June, August and September offer visitors to Tuscany a chance to meet local authors, artists and aristocrats, including wine tasting and insights into Italian culture.

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Visit www.italy.artviva.com or email staff@artviva.com for more information.

The Corsini family crest - meet Prince Corsini at the Artviva Authors, Artists & Aristocrats events in Florence

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