Start Your Visit on the Right Foot: A Venice Walking Tour

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 From stunning architecture to glistening canals, Venice is bursting at the seams with must-see attractions. Naturally, then, tourists – and even locals – are often overwhelmed by the wealth of sights and sounds that The Floating City has in store for curious explorers. Where do you start? And what places of interest should be at the top of your list?

When I moved to Italy many years ago and visited Venice for the first time, I decided to begin my adventure by exploring St. Mark’s Square. This gave me the perfect preliminary glimpse into this marvellous metropolis, introducing me to many of its biggest and best attractions.

To assist you with getting your bearings when you first arrive, I’ve put together a 45-minute Venice walking tour that will introduce you to the cultural gems of St. Mark’s Square.

Engaging History Lessons

On our stroll, we won’t just show you some of the city’s hotspots. Rather, our guides will also give you a highly engaging and informative history lesson, talking you though the ins and outs of the city’s landmarks. So, instead of burdening yourself with an indigestible guidebook, why not let our friendly and experienced guides help you set the context for your sightseeing trip in a far more accessible and fun way?

Our educational and entertaining Venice walking tour will introduce you to several of the city’s most beloved attractions in and around St. Mark’s Square. As you marvel at the breathtaking exterior of St. Mark’s world-famous basilica and its accompanying bell and clock towers, we’ll tell you all about the piazza, which once served as the city’s – and even Europe’s – epicentre.

My favourite part is when we show guests the Portrait of the Four Tetrarchs, a history lesson sculpted in stone, that is featured in the basilica’s opulent façade. We make sure that you get to skip the queue to enter the church by pre-booking tickets for our guests to ensure that they can take in the jaw-dropping splendour of the basilica when it is bound to be least crowded.

Of course, we’ll also show you the renowned Bridge of Sighs, from where you’ll get a gorgeous view of the city’s sparkling waterways. What’s more, our guides love telling guests about the bridge’s grueling history: for example, did you know that its name derives from prisoners who – before being executed – sighed as they crossed the bridge and saw Venice for the last time? And that’s only one of our many stories that we’ll share with you.

Fantastic Fun Facts

One of the biggest perks of our tours is our sociable guides, who love sharing their extensive knowledge of Venice with guests. For instance, do you know why Italians often call Venice La Serenissima? For one thing, the word ‘serenissimo,’ meaning ‘most serene,’ was once used as an honorary title for the Doge and Signoria of Venice, highlighting their power.

But this is only one of several reasons. If you’re itching to hear the full – and very tantalising – story of Venice’s enduring nickname, our guides are more than happy to give you the inside scoop on our Venice walking tour.

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Begin a perfect holiday Venice with our popular tour of St. Mark’s Square. From fun facts to dazzling sights, our guides are sure to teach you something new.

Other Tours

You may be wondering how to venture beyond St. Mark’s Square and uncover the city’s other treasure troves after completing our short Venice walking tour. Whether you’re interested in discovering the gastronomy, gondolas or even the spooky side of the metropolis, there’s no need to look high and low: we offer a variety of guided tours that are sure to intrigue you.

If you’re like me, the art of Venice’s gondoliers never ceases to amaze you. In fact, there’s plenty that you probably didn’t know about them: not only do they have a secret greeting and a guild, but there’s also only one female gondolier in history. Did that catch your attention? You’ll learn all about the history of gondolas – and more – through our guides’ enthralling stories on our Gondola Adventure Tour.

Would you rather sample the local fare? No problem. Our Venetian Wine Tour is perfect for food enthusiasts, who will savour the city’s best wines with the help of a professional sommelier. All wines are paired with a wealth of local dishes, including cicchetti, the Venetian take on tapas. To top it all off, the sommelier will make this gastronomic experience come alive by sharing his far-reaching knowledge of the city’s finest recipes with you. Perhaps, you’ll even feel inspired to take them home with you!

Lastly, one of our most popular tours – and my personal favourite – revolves around Venice’s spine-chilling ghost stories. On this exciting excursion, you’ll explore the metropolis at night, walking along the infamous Assassin’s Alleyway and discovering the darkest nooks and crannies that the city has to offer. To make An Evening with the Ghosts of Venice as thrilling as possible, you’ll listen to a series of gruesome stories about the city’s most horrific events, convincing you that La Serenissima may not be as serene as it appears. If you’re a bit of a dare-devil, this haunting tour is the perfect addition to your holiday.

Are you ready to fully immerse yourself in Venice’s history and culture? We’re here to help you experience the very best of this miraculous metropolis. To hear more about our introductory Venice walking tour or our other excursions, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

You can see more information about our wonderful small group shared Venice tours here and some more information about our unique private on request custom Venice tours here. 

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