Top Tuber – Truffle Risotto Recipe

cooking in italy

As avid foodies in Florence, nothing excites us more than finding fresh truffles. In Italy, truffles are regularly sold from fool stalls at markets and fairs. Some grocers will sometimes have them, as may certain delicatessens (“gastronomia” or “alimentari”). If you’re truly lucky, you may have a truffle-hunting friend or neighbour who that can keep […]

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Something fishy, something flashy + the Slow Food movement moving to a market near you! Slow Food March 2011

The saying goes ‘good news travels fast’, and word is certainly spreading about Slow Food movement! (If it hasn’t quite spread to you, below we’ve enclosed background information to get up to speed on Slow.) Aiming to bring good information, good food and good wine to the good people of the world, we have here […]

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