Calcio Storico: Florence’s toughest footballers… in those trousers?!

  Florence is getting ready for the latest series of Calcio Storico (also known as Calcio Fiorentino), a unique sport which originated in Tuscany in the 1500s. ‘Calcio’ translates to both ‘kick’ and also to ‘football/soccer’ in Italian, thus ‘Calcio Storico’ can be translated as ‘Historical Football/Soccer’. However, this unique Italian sport is more like […]

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A Perfect Morning in Tuscany!

This morning in Tuscany, walking in the beautiful countryside along the river Elsa, a beautiful mist rose off the still Elsa waters as one early-riser Artviva staff-member was out this morning walking Greta, the bi-lingual, expert-stick-catching* dog. The trees stood leaf-naked, last year’s abandoned bird nests exposed. A few early arrival birds were also to […]

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OUT in the main//stream: Prathiba Parmar

Artviva The Original and Best Tours Italy

Last night at the British Institute in Florence, film maker and feminist activist Prathiba Parmar gave a lively, well-attended talk called “OUT in the main // stream.” Born in Kenya to parents of Pakistani origin, Prathiba moved to England at an early age, and was quickly drawn to the possibilities of film effecting positive (political) […]

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