Top Tips for Italy Travel 2015 #4: Best way to travel around Italy

Transport in Italy

Our latest Italy travel tip comes from our guide, Kane, a regular train-traveller in Italy. Italy travel tip #4: Catch the train! When travelling between cities in Italy, it is usually quicker, faster and cheaper to catch the train rather than to drive in Italy. Italy has an excellent public transport system, particularly for trains. […]

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Italy – how to pack & how to dress

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Planning a trip to Italy? Besides the some of the greatest museums in the world, the best wines in the most stunning countryside settings, delicious food… there’s also great shopping! Great things to buy in Italy include leather shoes, jackets, belts and handbags, great big-name fashion brands (but don’t forget the great boutique buys) and […]

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DRUNKEN PASTA: Recipes, rules and regulations of Italy’s most loved food item – with a twist!

  It’s no secret that Italians love their food and wine. In Italian culture, it is tradition that food and alcohol are consumed together. That’s why, for example, pre-dinner drinks (known as ‘aperativo’) involve a drink served with nibbles. In most Italian homes at the conclusion of a typical Italian meal, the wine bottle is […]

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