Tuscan Tastes – how good food equals good friends

Sage from our Tuscan gardens - one of the best Tuscany tastes!

One of us at Artviva has new neighbours who have just moved in to the apartment downstairs. There is the ‘nonna’, ‘mamma’ and two children, aged 7 and 9. The husband is coming along next week after taking care of their farmland a few towns over.

In the evenings when we enter the apartment building, it is not unusual to find the nonna or the mamma, or even the children waiting in the stairwell for us outside their apartment, saucepan or plate in hand, offering us a taste (often times a meal-size ‘taste’!) of whatever delicious foods they have been preparing.

Tuscan grapes - make great wine but also a range of traditional Tuscan recipes!

It’s only been a week since we have been neighbours, and already we have sampled delicious home-made salami, ‘cenci’ (fried pastry strips covered in sugar and filled with heavenly deliciousness!) gnocchi potato dumplings, home-grown Tuscan grapes and a range of other delights.

In turn, we have so far taken them our home-made Tuscan bread, a bottle of vin santo dessert wine made by our friends, and a handful of our palm-size sage leaves that grow happily in our Tuscan garden perfect for the Tuscan fried sage recipe. There are also promises of garlic, leeks and other winter vegetables we are growing in our Tuscan garden to come in the following months.

The little boy, at all of 7 years of age, just won a local pizza-making competition and has invited us for pizza next week (he likes to decorate the pizza in a rather untraditional way however – with the toppings arranged in a smiley face, with whole dark olives as hair!). When we exchanged the invitation to dine at our house, he agreed – ‘only if the food is good!’, he added sternly.

It seems love for good food starts from a young age in Italy!

And why wouldn’t it when food in Italy really is so delicious, lovingly prepared with such fresh and seasonal ingredients.

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