Under the Tuscan Snow

With the temperature in Tuscany forecast to be one of the coldest days of the season, we for some reason decided it was a great day to go for a long walk in the park!

So it was we set out for a walk in Tuscany, dressed like big puffy marshmallows in our winter coats (and several layers there within). We rolled out up and over the hills, the remnants of the last week’s snow crunching underfoot.

The wonderful Tuscan sunshine did its best to warm us that extra degree or two as it shined bright in the perfectly blue sky above, rendering the white of the snow just dazzling.

San Gimignano sat majestically in the distance, its towers unmistakable on the snow-covered horizon.

The grapevines that produce the local Tuscan wine lay barren across the landscape, awaiting the spring to recommence their cycle of grape-growing, whilst the olive trees full and round by their sides.

Our dog, Greta, just loves the snow and had a great time frolicking about, finding all those wonderful odours left by the native animals that roam these lands, from foxes to porcupines, wild boar and further out even deer, not to mention all the other dogs that are lucky enough to be taken for long walks through such beautiful Tuscan landscapes!

The charming Tuscan village town of Certaldo sat on the hilltop behind us, fading into the distance as we walked on an up and down the rolling Tuscan hills, the views making us forget the temperature, the glorious sunshine making us feel like all is good in the world, if not just for a wonderful afternoon in Tuscany.

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