Unique Souvenirs to take from Italy

Souvenirs – that lovely token sitting on our desk that helps us deal a little better with our post-holiday blues once we’re back home. Be it a figurine of Florence’s Duomo, a traditional mask from Venice or a t-shirt saying “I love Rome” – we like to look at these mementos of our unforgettable experiences away from home.

However, there is nothing more unforgettable and eternal than learning and experiencing when we’re on holiday. There is something much more special when preparing homemade pasta or picking up a paintbrush on a Saturday afternoon, and painting a portrait – and remembering you were taught how to do so on your holiday in Italy. So, here are a couple of things we think you should try when in Italy:

Get your hands messy in the kitchen

Be it pasta, pizza or a 5 course meal – Italy’s cuisine is famous for a reason. Perhaps there’s nothing that could cure our post-holiday blues than a nice, comforting plate of homemade pasta – reminding us of that amazing evening spent in great company over some good food.

Get to know your food (and your wine)

Food and wine are the staple of Italy’s lifestyle – and what else could be better than knowing the history, the culture and the traditions behind the food you’re eating or beverage you’re drinking. Also, taking that tradition back home, reminiscing your trip over dinner? Quite priceless!

Learn how to paint or sculpt

We like to think that the A in Italy stands for art – with cities and towns bursting at the seams with works of art at every corner. Learning the principles of painting or sculpting is pretty much like riding a bike – you will never quite forget them – and who knows – maybe you could discover a love for art, or also a skill previously known to you!

Immerse yourself in art

Even walking around the streets in Italy means absorbing all of the art that cities like Florence, Rome and Venice have to offer. Art is a witness to history’s happenings – from ancient times to contemporary times. We can learn so much about our history, our countries and our traditions – and also about ourselves just by exploring different works of art.

Or Learn to be a Gondolier…

Save the most unique for last! Going to Venice and looking in marvel at gondolas gliding on the canals is one thing – learning the skill behind it is another. Understanding what goes on behind the scenes, and also the history of this wonderful tradition is definitely a memorable experience (and it also looks great on your CV…)

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Photo credits: Nicolas Nova 

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