When it’s OK to be picky – finding the best coffee in Florence

Our Florence Expertise helping you find the best coffee in town!

It’s no secret that Italians take their food and beverages seriously.

Pasta must be cooked perfectly ‘al dente’, it’s shape perfectly paired with the sauce that coats it, wine which must be expertly blended and only produced from traditional grapes from the region where they grow best, recipes are just as they have been passed down through the ages.

And each day begins with a coffee ? the only time of day that most Italians will drink a cappuccino. During the day, the coffee is usually an espresso meaning that it must be expertly made.

Coffee shops, known as ‘bars’ in Italian, are the local meeting point, where locals gather not just to have a coffee (and perhaps a little sweet pastry ? a ‘brioche’), but also to socialise, to catch up on local news (and gossip), and in the evening to have a pre-dinner drink, before returning after dinner for  a post-meal coffee, and perhaps a digestive grappa or the like!

Being that Artviva strives to ensure visits to Italy are as authentic as possible, our Artviva Florence Destination Expert has comprised a list of the Best Historic Café/Bar Picks for Florence.


Piazza della Repubblica 36 ? 39R.

This exclusive café was founded by a Swiss family in 1733 ? the original café was in Via Calzaiuoli, then on the corner of Via Speziali ? it moved to the actual site in the 1920’s, as can be seen by the furnishing, typical of the era. Café Gilli is the only remaining café in ‘Belle Epoque’ style in Florence.  Frequented by writers and artists, just after the second world war, the famous photo by Ruth Orkin of the “American girl in Italy” was taken here.  Definitely one of the best coffee bars in town.


Piazza della Repubblica 13 ? 14R

This café was founded in 1897 by the Reninghaus brothers ? German beer producers, who according to the Viennese tradition of the time had waiters with red jackets.  Florentines would thus say “Let’s go to those wearing red jackets” (‘giubbe rosse’) as the surname was hard to pronounce.  It has always been favoured by the local German community.  Amongst the famous writers who came here in the past include Virginia Woolf, James Joyce, Franz Kafka and a young Vladimir Lenin.  In 1913 a famous fight took place here between opposing members of the artistic Futuristic movement.


Piazza della Repubblica 31 ? 35R

This café was founded in 1848 by a Polish family specialised in selling beer.  It later became known as ‘Café Concerto Paszkowski’ for the musical events that were often performed here, and still continue to this day.  It has also been very popular with writers and poets of the past.  The interior still maintains an early 1900’s style, and since 1991 has been considered one of the national monuments of Florence.


Piazza della Signoria 5R

This café was founded in 1872 by Enrico Rivoire who came from Turin.  It became (and still is) very famous for the hot chocolate served here ? typical of northern Italy.  Definitely one of the best bars in Florence ? not only for the excellent chocolate and desserts, but also for the exclusive positioning in front of Palazzo Vecchio.

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