Why We Love Angry Young Men: Picasso, Mirò, Dalì – Palazzo Strozzi, Florence

If only all anger, resentment and the pure rage of youth could be expressed in such wonderful ways!

One of the joys of being in a city like Florence is that there is always so much to see and do, and to eat and to drink. And on most days, you get to have a bit of seeing and doing, and some great eating and drinking too.

Today, after a delicious lunch at the posh Cavalli cafè just off Via Tornabuoni, and a delicious gelato from the Gelateria Lorenzo, we decided to wander back to our historical palace-office via a great exhibit happening at the Palazzo Strozzi which we deemed worthy of a quick re-visit.

Until July 17, the works of Dalì, Mirò and Picasso are being exhibited in the Pitti Palace.

The exhibit is focusing on around 25 works a piece of each of these fabulous artists. The works of Pablo Picasso in the first 5 years of the 20th century, before he cut into cubism. Before they stumbled onto surrealism, Juan Mirò’s paintings are from 1915-1920 whilst Salvador Dalì’s works come from a little later, around 1920-25.

In the paintings, you can see Picasso turn out his political viewpoints, with cartoons and harsh images reflecting his point of view.

Mirò brushes against bourgeois art, and even had a go at Picasso’s cubism!

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